Congressman Alcee L. Hastings made the following statement on the House floor on December 19, 2011 recognizing Mr. Todd LaVogue and his students as Hastings' Heroes:

M. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Mr. Todd LaVogue and the students in his social studies class at Roosevelt Middle School in West Palm Beach. Mr. LaVogue recently engaged his students in Amnesty International's letter-writing campaign for human rights. Mr. LaVogue and his students joined people of good conscience around the world in writing letters to government officials in many countries, urging them to release political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. The students were able to see what such efforts can accomplish when the government of the nation of Myanmar released opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi after many years of house arrest.

By expressing their concern for people improperly and unfairly held in captivity by authoritarian governments around the world, Mr. LaVogue and his students are shining examples of the best in humankind. They are people deserving of respect and admiration from all of us.

M. Speaker, I am very proud of Mr. LaVogue and his students, and I am pleased to name them true Hastings' Heroes.

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