Congressman Alcee L. Hastings made the following statement on May 15, 2012, remembering the life of Mr. Wayne L. Nelson:

M. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of Wayne L. Nelson, who died on April 30, 2012. Mr. Nelson was a deeply committed environmentalist. Throughout his life, he fought tenaciously for the protection of Florida's ecosystems. He always had a special concern for Lake Okeechobee, which is the seventh largest freshwater lake in the United States and the largest in the State of Florida. Mr. Nelson was widely respected by everyone of like mind who knew of his love for Florida's natural resources. Younger environmentalists trusted him for his knowledge and learned much from his advice.

An avid angler with a passion for conservation, Mr. Nelson founded Fishermen Against the Destruction of the Environment (FADE) as well as Clean Lake Environment and Recreation (CLEAR). Additionally, he was an active member of Greenpeace and Public Citizens.

M. Speaker, Wayne Nelson left a fine legacy of caring for our environment and teaching younger generations all that he knew. Wherever he went, he spread awareness of the importance of saving the earth, and he will be greatly missed by family, friends and everyone in the environmental community. My thoughts are with Mr. Nelson's loved ones during this most difficult time.

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