Congressman Hastings honored The Pantry of Broward, Inc. by giving the following speech on November 19, 2009.

Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor an organization that has helped countless individuals in my community.  The Pantry of Broward, Inc. is a not for profit organization that provides food and support services to low-income seniors and to grandparents raising grandchildren.

In Florida alone, there are 147,893 grandparents raising grandchildren, yet eight percent of grandparent caregivers live in poverty, as do nearly ten percent of all seniors.  For those who live in Broward County, and the children who rely on them, The Pantry of Broward is an indispensible resource.  

Each month, The Pantry of Broward delivers a 60 pound box of food items to hundreds of seniors.  However, The Pantry of Broward is much more than a food bank.  They also provide seniors with transportation services, legal assistance, access to affordable medical care, and a slew of other resources that make life just a little bit easier for Broward’s struggling seniors.

Whether an individual needs help finding affordable housing, is having trouble understanding complicated medical or insurance forms, or simply needs a pair of eyeglasses fixed, The Pantry of Broward is there to help.

Seniors in South Florida, like those around the nation, have worked hard and provided for themselves and others their entire lives, yet often, despite incredible need, they are too proud to ask for a helping hand.  For this reason, The Pantry of Broward provides assistance in a caring, dignified manner, mindful of their clients’ privacy and self-esteem.

Madam Speaker, while we in Congress work to revive our nation’s economy, it is organizations like The Pantry of Broward that serve as a lifeline to the seniors and families in our districts struggling to make it from one day to the next.  I am truly grateful for the services they provide to my constituents and commend them on their extraordinary work.

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