A Silhouette of Life

Congressman Hastings commemorated the life of Stephanie N. Steele, of Port St. Lucie, Florida through a speech on the House floor.

“Ms. Steele was a very talented artist who died recently at just 21 years of age, after fighting a long and valiant battle against cystic fibrosis. I first became aware of her great courage and remarkable skill in 2002, when she was the subject of a feature story in The Palm Beach Post.”

“Despite her disability, Ms. Steele remained optimistic throughout her short life. She painted beautiful murals that attracted widespread attention and brought cheer to everyone who knew her. Ms. Steele was known for her sparkling personality and her sweet demeanor. In addition to her art, she was an accomplished writer, compiling 27 journals about her life. She underwent two lung transplants, both of which her body rejected.”

“I join her family and friends in grieving this great loss. It is because of such tragedies that I serve on the Cystic Fibrosis Caucus in the House of Representatives. I will continue to fight for more funding for research into a cure for cystic fibrosis and related diseases.”

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to Stephanie Steele for what she taught us about living with dignity and never admitting defeat. The best way we can honor her memory is to rededicate ourselves to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis so that no one else is taken from us before they can fulfill their life's potential.”

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