Educators and Philanthropists
On February 5th, 2007 Congressman Hastings, delivered the following speech honoring the hard work and commitment of the Keiser family:

"Evelyn Keiser was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Temple University. She was one of the first women in the United States to receive a Bachelors Degree in Medical Technology."

"Evelyn Keiser moved to south Florida in 1961 and co-founded Keiser College in 1977. Art & Belinda Keiser, along with Evelyn, have continued to serve our community by providing superior education through Keiser College, now known as Keiser University."

"The Keiser Family continues to contribute to Broward County and the State of Florida, not only through their educational institutions, but also through philanthropy. Keiser University will celebrate their 30th Anniversary in 2007."

"Madam Speaker, I proclaim January 31, 2007, as Keiser University Day in the 23rd Congressional District."

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