Congressman Hastings honored the victories of the Lake Worth Community High School Debate Team by giving the following speech on February 23, 2009.

“Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor the debate team of Lake Worth Community High School in Lake Worth, Florida. The team recently competed in a 22-school tournament and took home five awards. Pierre Dorsainvil won best presiding officer; Shermeka Scott, best speaker and best presiding officer; Gia Cerease, original oratory; and Jennifer Price, first overall for declamation.”

“I am very proud of these fine young people for their skill as debaters and for the many hours of hard work and dedication that resulted in their supremacy over so many other schools. I am delighted, though not surprised, to know that a school in my district is providing an excellent education in the fine art of oratory. It is a skill that my esteemed colleagues and I value very highly, and I hope that some of these talented students will join us in Congress some day.”

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