Congressman Hastings made the following statement on the House floor May 2, 2011 honoring the life of Mr. Peter Vagi for sharing his story of Holocaust Survival:

"M. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Mr. Peter Vagi, an 83 year-old Holoucuast survivor from Palm Beach County. His inspirational story was recently documented in a film about the Holoucaust entitled The Rescuers. Mr. Vagi has shared his story with countless others. I hope that by the telling his story we never witness such atrocities as the Holoucaust ever again. The world cannot forget. We must remember. We must remember every story, every victium, and every survivor.

"Mr. Vagi's story begins when he was 17 years old and the Germans took control of Hungary. He was almost immediately forced from school into a work camp to perform labourus tasks. Mr. Vagi was one of the few who was prevented from boarding the train to Auschwitz right on the platform. Soon after, he was moved to a Jewish Ghetto and stayed there until the Russians liberated Budapest. However, it wasn't long before the evils of Communism became aparent and Mr. Vagi decided to move first to Austria and then finally to the United States.

"Mr. Vagi's story, along with all the other survivors serve as a reminder of the terrible period of human history that must never happen again. M. Speaker, I am proud to honor Mr. Vagi's life and all that he has done to ensure that history is not forgotten."

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