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Throughout my career in the House of Representatives, I have consistently advocated for policies that promote animal welfare. I believe that it is essential for us to protect animals that cannot protect themselves. I have proudly offered my support to a number of legislative initiatives that will ensure all animals receive humane treatment, and have led the charge in Congress to bring change to the sickening dog and cat meat trade across Asia.

Unfortunately, a broad range of animal abuse issues continue to plague our nation, from animal fighting ventures and unethical research practices, to the disturbing puppy mill industry that exists today. Although we have made progress in impeding the ability to test potentially harmful products on animals, there is still more that must be done. Congress must take into account the cruelty of testing on animals when drafting legislation, particularly when allocating funding for laboratories. It is crucial that the U.S. government avoid putting the well-being of animals at risk whenever possible, particularly if safer and equally effective research methods are readily available. I am proud to have scored high and perfect ratings in the past on animal welfare organizations’ advocacy scorecards, and will continue to advocate for sweeping reforms in the treatment of animals.

Wildlife Conservation

Florida has the third highest number of endangered species in the nation, and I am acutely aware of the need to protect our wildlife. I am deeply committed to creating and maintaining a balanced ecosystem that allows for the coexistence of human beings and nature’s most incredible species. In addition, I believe that it is crucial to regulate the importation of nonnative wildlife species to the United States since it can present several environmental and national security threats.  The introduction of invasive species has resulted in the alteration of United States ecosystems, the loss of biodiversity and the transmission of exotic diseases, among other threats to the environment and public health. 

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