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Throughout our history millions of people have sought to come to the United States to either escape lives lived at the margins of their countries of origin or to simply realize a better life for themselves and their families. Their hard work, ingenuity, and devotion to their adopted homeland have built this nation into a great democracy and a land of opportunity.

Unfortunately, our current immigration system is archaic and ultimately untenable for individuals, businesses, and ultimately, our country. The challenges that we face can only be solved through reasonable and comprehensive immigration reform. It is far past time for Congress to come together and fix our broken immigration system by providing a path to citizenship that is fair to all people – those who already call America home and those who yearn to enjoy our country’s dedication to liberty and freedom for all.

We must remember that even in our darkest days of intolerance, we have managed to rise above our differences and cultivate a strong nation of citizens from around the world. I believe that we will once again rise to such a challenge.

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