Congressional Everglades Caucus Co-Chairmen Hastings and Diaz-Balart Introduce Everglades Restoration Bill

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Washington, D.C., January 10, 2019 | comments

Today, Congressmen Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Co-Chairmen of the Congressional Everglades Caucus, introduced the bipartisan Everglades for the Next Generation Act. The legislation authorizes Everglades restoration projects that are shovel-ready, ensuring that necessary progress in the region continues. It also provides the Army Corps of Engineers with the flexibility needed to avoid Congressional bottlenecking in the future. (Please find attached a copy of the bill).  

“Protection and restoration of the Everglades is a top priority,” said Hastings. “The Everglades is absolutely vital to the overall health of both South Florida’s ecosystem and economy. Congressional inaction has persevered for far too long despite bipartisan support for restoration. This measure will allow the Army Corps of Engineers to begin work on shovel-ready projects, without having to await another Water Resources Development Act.” 

“Everglades restoration continues to be one of my top priorities in Congress,” said Diaz-Balart. “As Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Congressional Everglades Caucus, I know how critical the preservation of this natural treasure is to our state. We must do everything we can to protect Florida’s ecosystem, and we cannot allow delays to occur which would impede the work that needs to be done. That is why I am glad to once again introduce legislation with my friend Rep. Alcee Hastings that will make it easier for the U.S. Army Corps to begin work on projects that have already been approved through the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.  This would lead to greater efficiency and expedited completion of critical Everglades restoration projects. As the 116th Congress begins, I will continue to prioritize and advocate on behalf of the Everglades and the projects that are so vital to its repair.” 


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