It gives me great pride to recognize Ms. Jennifer Tilton as a Hastings' Star Student. Ms. Tilton is graduating from Suncoast Community High School as its 2010-2011 valedictorian at the age of 15. Next year, she will be starting as a freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her achievements highlight her outstanding educational attainments, having aced both the math and physics portions on the SAT, having skipped two grades, and having taken advanced placement calculus at the age of 11. But Ms. Tilton equally excelled outside of the classroom, having served this year as the co-captain of Suncoast's swim team. Her dedication and accomplishments can serve as a motivation to us all. I wish her the best of luck as she starts at MIT in the fall.

Please find below the letter that I sent to Ms. Tilton congratulating her on her outstanding achievements.

Jennifer Tilton Congratulations Letter

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